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Game iPhone11/12Pro mobile phone case suitable for Apple 7P/XS fine hole Among anti-fall protective cover

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It is made of high-quality rubber and silicone material to prevent your phone from slipping out of your hand or out of the table, and it feels soft when held.

Environmental protection material, skin-friendly feel

  • Removable vacuum plating-camera protection sheet(Edge is higher than the camera)
  • The same color as the camera vacuum plating button
  • Inside heat dissipation shockproof strip
  • Four corners strengthened anti-drop protection

  • It fits tightly and provides a lot of protection without increasing the volume. The super protective silicone pad can withstand most scratches, drops, shocks and vibrations.
  • Dust-proof surface, anti-fouling fingerprint design, not easy to prevent dust, easy to clean.
  • High-precision injection molding machine for high temperature molding. The material complies with European environmental protection standards. The latest dust-free fuel injection technology is used on both sides to make the protective cover full of texture and high-end appearance.

Please choose according to your mobile phone model.

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